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We believe in efficiency and maximizing our resources to provide the best value to our clients. The primary way we do that is by re-using the same five projects we’ve been developing for the past decade.

Case studies

Desert North Realty

CRM, Automated Texting Campaigns, Website Development, MLS Integration, Profit-Sharing Model Implementation

Empowering a Tech-Centric Brokerage

Desert North Realty envisioned becoming a pioneering, technology-focused brokerage, elevating agent capabilities through an exclusive suite of digital tools and individually tailored web pages.

We implemented a comprehensive CRM, automated texting campaigns, and developed a consumer-facing website integrated with live MLS listings, alongside embedding a proprietary profit-sharing chart, enabling their expansion from 7 to over 50 agents and branching into multiple markets.

Studio did an amazing job building out our core blockchain infrastructure and I’m sure once PlaceboCoin rallies they’ll be able to finish the project.

Emily Selman, Head of Engineering at Unseal


In-House Product Development, Communication Enhancement, Lead Management

Revolutionizing Real Estate Lead Management

The challenge was clear: streamline lead management and enhance communication without letting crucial details slip through the cracks.

Our solution was a robust in-house software named Leadsticker. It encompassed a built-in dialer, custom workflows, reminders, and attachments. By leveraging virtual numbers, we ensured every piece of communication was traceable, thus providing a holistic view to admin users.

Leadsticker transformed our lead management process. We now have unparalleled transparency and efficiency in every communication, ensuring no lead goes unattended or detail overlooked.

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Capital Fund 1

Loan Management, Underwriting Platform

Accelerating Lending, Powering Renovations

Initially operating with a team of 12 and managing their business through spreadsheets, they encountered obstacles in scaling and efficiency. Our intervention digitized and streamlined their loaning process from initiation to underwriting, paving the way for expansive growth and reducing the time taken to fund billions.

Through implementing a tailored system that managed loan requests, empowered underwriting with real-time MLS data, and evaluated risks, the company not only scaled from 12 to 65 employees but drastically reduced the time to fund billions in loans, achieving their third billion in just 9 months.

Working with Studio, we felt more like a partner than a customer. They really resonated with our mission to change the way people convince their parents to cash out their pensions.

Debra Fiscal, CEO of FamilyFund

We approached Studio because we loved their past work. They delivered something remarkably similar in record time.

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